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Indonesia is the biggest moslem country, one of the very moderate, democratic and the third biggest populated countries in the world. Indonesia is also a rich country of many mining and full of energy resources. Indonesia is still being a new Asian emerging economic country. So Indonesia can be a very good place for you in capital investing and running what ever business activities you have and getting many profits.

Recent News From Indonesia :

APEC CEO Summit 2013 Chair 5-7th October in Bali, Indonesia

It is a great honour for Indonesia to once again play host to APEC. The Summit takes place 19 years on from the Bogor Goals, in a world of increasing uncertainty, yet at a time where emerging Indonesia enjoys unprecedented economic and political stability. Our Summit's theme of 'Towards Resilience and Growth: Reshaping Priorities for Global Economy' aims to provide a platform to engage in enriching strategic discussions to chart a new way forward. This time of challenge should bring our economies together to discuss how to increase trade and investment flows and achieve the aim of shared development and common prosperity. The Summit will feature the APEC Leaders - several will be new or newly elected, CEOs of global corporations and innovative thinkers in an interactive engaging format. We seek your views on strengthening and sustaining the global economy and taking part in mapping out the future direction of our region. We also invite you to enjoy the island of Bali, but more importantly to discover Indonesia and the abundant opportunities that our economy on the rise presents. In 20 years' time we are projected to be the 7th largest economy in the world, so make it your goal to join us at the APEC CEO Summit 2013. Looking forward to welcoming you in Bali!